What we aim to do

The overall aim of ShapingBio is to support and accelerate bioeconomy innovation and the deployment of new knowledge in the EU and its member states.

ShapingBio aims to provide evidence-based and concrete information and recommend-dations for better policy alignment and stakeholder actions to realize the cross-sectoral potential of the bioeconomy and to reduce the fragmentation across biobased sectors and food system and policies across regions, domains and governance levels.

Why ShapingBio?

The potential & challenge

The transition to a circular bioeconomy and sustainable food systems has high potential to contribute to societal challenges such as climate change, substitution of fuel resources and to contribute to healthy food and diets, which is why innovation in the bioeconomy should be accelerated.

However, there are several challenges in relation to getting a wider uptake of the innovation generated in the bioeconomy sector. One key barrier is that actors from different sectors, such as agriculture, food and chemistry still have limited exchange with each other, and that "sectoral silos" exist. Moreover, bioeconomy is not an own dedicated policy field – the public funding and regulation is therefore scattered and partly incoherent across ministries or geographical levels.

Focus areas

Creating a better understanding

ShapingBio aims to create a better understanding and information basis of the bioeconomy innovation eco-system by providing a comprehensive mapping and analysis of initiatives, structures, policy instruments and key gaps across the EU macro-regions and different sectors related to:

  • Policy and governance
  • Applied R&D and technology transfer
  • Collaboration (cross-sectoral)
  • Financing






New ideas & opportunities

“With this initiative we want to improve the information basis for different stakeholder groups about existing initiatives, activities and best practices and provide advice to enable cross-sectoral and cross-governmental exchange. For that purpose we aim to provide new ideas and many opportunities for the interaction of stakeholders in the bioeconomy ”

Sven Wydra, Project Coordinator of ShapingBio

Main objectives

a better understanding and information basis of the bioeconomy innovation eco-system

the fragmentation of the bioeconomy innovation ecosystem

to better governance in the bioeconomy innovation ecosystem

exploitation of the bioeconomy’s potential

Overall approach of ShapingBio



  • Synergies will be created between policy measures that enable/ foster successful joint activities between research and industrial actors, benefiting the bioeconomy and the European environment.

  • ShapingBio will enable targeted actions by policy makers, academia and industry to produce and exploit bio-resources more effectively.

  • The project will contribute to higher trust and feeling of ownership by various stakeholder groups via the co-creation process.

  • The project will even out the policy making across Europe, enabling the bioeconomy to develop in all regions, reducing environmental and social differences.

  • ShapingBio can contribute to creating opportunities for additional income for farmers and SMEs via diversification in new sectors

The ShapingBio consortium

Behind the project are 10 organisations from 9 European countries.

The consortium comprises high-quality expertise in start-of-the-art scientific-technical developments and innovations in the bioeconomy in all relevant areas including food and blue bioeconomy, industrial, societal and environmental developments, relevant policy domains, financing and translational activities.




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