Catalysing Bioeconomy Advancements in the EU: Perspectives from Alexandre Morin, agricultural innovation specialist at AC3A

Embarking on a profound exploration of the European bioeconomy, our dialogue with Alexandre Morin, an agricultural innovation specialist at AC3A, unravels key insights into applied research, development activities, technology transfer, and effective communication channels.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the European bioeconomy, fostering collaboration, improving knowledge transfer, and overcoming barriers have emerged as critical factors for sustainable growth and innovation. Alexandre's perspectives shed light on crucial facets shaping the bioeconomic landscape.

Applied Research and Development Activities: Paving the Way for Progress

The conversation with Alexandre delved into the realm of applied research and development (R&D) activities, uncovering nuances that steer the trajectory of bioeconomic advancements. His insights shed light on the evolving nature of technology transfer and its impact on bioeconomic growth.

Navigating Challenges and Forging Collaborations: A Multilateral Approach

Addressing challenges head-on, Alexandre identifies a key barrier—unequal attention to biomass suppliers, particularly farmers. In advocating for a multilateral approach, he emphasizes the importance of collaboration across diverse sectors, creating a symbiotic relationship among industry, technicians, R&D, farmers, and consumers.

Open Access Pilot Plants: Catalysts for Feasibility and Security

Recognizing the pivotal role of open-access pilot plants, Alexandre underscores their significance in demonstrating the feasibility of technologies. His examples highlight the need for financial support, citing regional councils as effective backers for these pivotal initiatives.

Policy Recommendations: Empowering Bottom-Up Approaches

In shaping bioeconomy policies, Alexandre recommends embracing bottom-up and participatory approaches. Drawing parallels with successful models from Horizon and Interreg programs, this approach ensures a holistic and inclusive development strategy.

Meeting the Demand for Bio-Based Products: A Sectoral Shift

The interview brings to light a growing demand for bio-based products, with a notable shift in the construction sector. Alexandre's insights reveal an unexpected surge in demand for bio-based components, signifying the dynamic nature of bioeconomic trends.

Sustainability Framework and Knowledge Gaps: Cornerstones of Progress

The discussion underscores the importance of sustainability, advocating for a comprehensive framework that considers economic, social, and environmental dimensions. Alexandre sheds light on knowledge gaps faced by startups and SMEs, emphasizing the need for market feasibility in their bioeconomic endeavors.

Communication Channels and Formats: Navigating Information Flow

Alexandre's communication preferences come to the forefront, with a nod to the effectiveness of email newsletters for general awareness and physical events for meaningful networking. This nuanced approach ensures a balanced and targeted dissemination of information.

Co-Creation Workshops and Real Use Cases: Fostering Innovation

The interview touches upon the efficacy of co-creation workshops, especially when aligned with specific calls or projects. Alexandre highlights a real use case in the construction sector, showcasing the tangible impact of targeted initiatives.


Catalysing Bioeconomy Advancements in the EU: Perspectives from Alexandre Morin, agricultural innovation specialist at AC3A