Mini-kick of meeting in Brussels

On 27 January project partners from Fraunhofer ISI, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant and Tech Tour met for a mini kick-off meeting with Project Officer in Brussels.

The mini kick-off meeting started with a warm welcome to the ShapingBio team by Wim Haentjens. After a short round of introduction, a presentation was given by Wim on the agenda, strategies and outlook of EC on the development of bioeconomy and food system in the EU. Then project coordinator Sven Wydra, Fraunhofer ISI, gave an overall presentation on the aims, scope and expected impacts of the ShapingBio project, followed by the current state of work and work plan. There were questions and answers during the presentation.

Afterwards, Bärbel Hüsing, Fraunhofer ISI, gave an overview of the work package concerning analysis of mapped information and stakeholder involvement, followed by a more detailed presentation on the scope, objectives and outputs of four tasks within the work package which cover:

  • Policy and governance (B. Hüsing);
  • Applied R&D and Technology Transfer (T. Meyer, S. Denayer, K. Molders),
  • Financing (Y. Sabbah) and
  • Collaboration (N. Reyhani)

At the end, some organizational and communicational issues were discussed.


Mini-kick of meeting in Brussels