ShapingBio featured in “Bioeconomy Matters” podcast

Project coordinator Dr. Sven Wydra recently participated in the podcast series “Bioeconomy Matters” to shed light on key challenges and opportunities for the sector based on insights from a ShapingBio workshop.

In the podcast, Sven explains that the ShapingBio workshop aimed to improve innovation in the bioeconomy by fostering cross-sectoral cooperation and enhancing governance levels. He emphasizes the importance of a common vision for the bioeconomy across the European Union, with a particular focus on the southern region, which includes countries like Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

One of the key outcomes of the workshop was the recognition that not every country in Europe has a dedicated bioeconomy strategy. While countries like Italy, Spain, and Portugal have established strategies, smaller countries like Malta, Cyprus, and Greece are yet to develop comprehensive plans.

In the podcast Sven also highlights the importance of policy coordination and implementation in different countries. For instance, he compares the approaches of Ireland and Malta, two EU member states with distinct resources and political structures. While Ireland has been strategically active in the bioeconomy, Malta is still in the early stages of developing a comprehensive strategy.

In terms of recommendations for fostering the growth and development of the bioeconomy, Sven emphasizes the need for policies that support market development and commercialization. He also stresses the importance of cross-sectoral and cross-governmental collaboration, as well as the need for patience and time in realizing the full potential of the bioeconomy.

Hear the podcast episode “Bioeconomy takes on Southern Europe ft. Dr. Sven Wydra” to get more valuable insights concerning challenges and opportunities in the bioeconomy sector.


ShapingBio featured in “Bioeconomy Matters” podcast