ShapingBio joins the Rural Bioeconomy Alliance

We are happy to announce that ShapingBio has joined the Rural Bioeconomy Alliance - a cluster of European-funded projects aimed at accelerating and supporting the development of circular rural bioeconomy initiatives in the EU.

The aim of the Rural Bioeconomy Alliance is to foster collaboration among EU-funded projects focused on supporting the development of rural circular Bioeconomy initiatives in the EU. The projects aim to organize communication and dissemination events together as well as workshops and seminars. Moreover, the projects exchange (non-confidential) information about success stories, innovative technologies, impact assessment, exploitations strategies and non-technical barriers in the bioeconomy.

“ShapingBio joins this alliance as the objectives of ShapingBio comprise the alignment of EU and national policies with regional policies and it aims to implement knowledge transfer mechanisms, including set-up multi-actor groups for selected topics and events for different stakeholders. Therefore, the exchange of insights and joint approach to reach important stakeholders will be very beneficial for ShapingBio”, says Sven Wydra, Project Coordinator of ShapingBio.

In addition to ShapingBio, the members of the Rural Bioeconomy Alliance include the following projects: BioRural, MainstreamBIO, P2Green, RELIEF, RuralBioUp, SCALE-UP, COOPID, BioModel4Regions, CEE2ACT and ROBIN.

ShapingBio joins the Rural Bioeconomy Alliance